Competition Week 1 update


We're open on Wednesday, there were many Power Cells damaged week 1 and there were more fouls called than you could shake a stick at.

Extended Robotics Center Hours

We’ve decided to open the Robotics Center on Wednesday March 4th until 6:00 PM. Rule R16 allows teams to work on, or practice with, their robots outside of the regional location up to the published time of load in. That’s 6:00 for the Double DECCer.

If your team is coming to Duluth on Wednesday already, by arriving a bit earlier you can get just a bit of time on our (your) full practice field before the event.

See you at the DECC

Apart from the International Falls team that competed last weekend, all the ARC member teams will be in Duluth this coming weekend at either the Lake Superior or Northern Lights regional. If you see someone wearing an ARC button on their shirt, make sure to say hi. We’re printing up posters that you can put in your pit so you can let the world know you are a part of our coalition. Let’s demonstrate to everyone how we are working together.

Good luck to everyone. I hope to see every ARC member make it to the state championship or at least the championships in Detroit.

Fouls and more Fouls

A surprising number of matches were decided by foul points last weekend. Make sure your drive team knows the foul rules. If an opponent robot is in a protected zone, those would be the trench or loading zone, just by touching them you give them 15 points. If your robot is in one of those protected zones and an opposing robot touches you, then you get a 15 point foul.  These are rules G10 and G11.

We mentioned on the Teams site that contact with an opponent while climbing is a 15 point foul, plus a 15 point “force level” for their switch, so bumping around during the end game can cost a team dearly.

Speaking of the endgame climb. The 45 inch height rule applies at all times except when you are in the last 30 seconds of the match and you are in the “rendezvous point.” Take careful note of the word AND in that. If you extend up and then back the robot out of the shield generator to line up, you just got a Tech Foul. This is detailed in rule G17.


The Power Cells took a lot of damage in the week 1 events. Each event gets one box of 24 power cells to add in as spares. At the Lake Superior Regional, we will be playing with the Power Cells that were used in Grand Forks. At Northern Lights we will be playing with the Power Cells used last week in the Miami Valley Regional in Ohio.

You will be playing your first match with damaged power cells. Be prepared to adapt your shooter and intake to deal with these. The photo above was taken after Thursday practice.

Because there is a shortage of Power Cells the referees will be assigning Yellow Cards to any robot that causes significant damage to them. Make sure you have no sharp edges on the underside of your robot and that gears are covered so Power Cells don’t get caught in them and destroyed.

No mollycoddling

Queuing is taking a hands-off approach to getting teams on the field this year. It is your responsibility to get to the field on time for your match, they aren’t going to come tell you. This can have the unfortunate implication that the match may start without you. It happened in a tie-breaker quarterfinal match at the Great Northern last weekend. During playoffs, if there is a time-out all robots must have “wheels on the carpet” when the timeout ends, or they won’t be let on the field. Two of the six robots weren’t near the field when the timeout ended and they didn’t play.

Storage at ARC

We are willing to store your robot and tools at the ARC overnight. If you want to book our field back to back and would rather leave your tools and robot here, we can put your robot and tools in one of our back rooms and the keyholders will make sure they aren’t messed with by other teams.